About Us

Parents at work was established based on more than ten years of experience as parents and as professionals.  When our children were young, we noticed that we were constantly struggling to balance work and family life. Through this daily struggle, we began to experience more stress from our work every day, and there were no initiatives from our employer to support us. As professionals we noticed that most parents experience this struggle and have trouble finding support in dealing with questions about parenting.

Parents often tell us that they had to look for solutions within their own network. This gives even more stress. First of all, this can be time consuming in searching for answers. Secondly, because parenting courses are giving after working ours, which comes on top of already having difficulties with balancing work and family life.

We found that parents who have followed our training and courses, know how to bring peace within family life, because you know how to deal with challenging parenting situations, this gives room for a parent to have better focus at work and to be able to function optimally again!

Parents at Work has more than 10 years of experience in giving educational training. The training courses are given by accredited pedagogues of the evidence based method: Triple P, Positive Parenting Program

Parents at Work provides active support in the combination of work and parenthood.

“Parents at Work provides active support in the combination of work and parenthood.”


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